Westwood Announces Partnership with Stanley Martin
Westwood Announces Partnership with Stanley Martin
Westwood Insurance Agency has announced a new strategic partnership with Stanley Martin Homes, one of the fastest-growing home builders in the US.

The partnership aims to provide home insurance early in the home-buying process, using Westwood’s embedded insurance model. When purchasing a home, customers can receive personalised insurance quotes within 24 hours. Westwood collaborates with over half of the top 40 homebuilders and aims to make obtaining home insurance the easiest part of buying a home.

Alan Umaly, President of Westwood, commented: “We are delighted to collaborate with Stanley Martin Homes to offer homebuyers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their new home is protected. Our goal is to ensure that obtaining home insurance is the easiest part of buying a house, even in a challenging insurance market. This helps our builder partners and their customers close on time.”

Westwood was established by a homebuilder and has positioned itself as a key insurance agency for the homebuilding industry. Their services can be offered to more than 99% of the communities built by homebuilders.

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