5 companies disrupting the InsurTech landscape in the Americas
5 companies disrupting the InsurTech landscape in the Americas
Since forever, insurance has been a valuable option for individuals looking to protect their loved ones from potential threats. The pandemic has further reinforced the necessity of preparing for the unexpected. However, the barriers to enrolment in any insurance are several, and with many complicated coverage options, the insurance industry is looking for a makeover.

Fortunately, tech-savvy insurance companies, commonly known as the InsurTech industry, have arisen to make the insurance landscape better. InsurTech companies leveraging AI and data science offer an improved user experience at an affordable price. They also help reduce the requirement for repetitive processes and tailor plans to each customer’s needs. As insurance companies work to offer better customer experience, InsurTech has enjoyed a steady rise to power.

Below are 5 InsurTech companies disrupting the insurance landscape in the Americas:

Hippo believes that insurance should protect your home and the things you treasure with policies designed for modern lives and proactive protection that helps you care for your home. They aim to help you avoid issues before they become costly problems because the best claims experience is the one you don’t have.

Hippo built the world’s first home protection platform, covering crucial items like home office equipment and water back-up, pioneering the most widely adopted smart home program in the industry, and offering home care services, with Home Care Experts on hand to provide helpful home maintenance advice, from installing a shelf to fixing a faucet. The Company is there to provide your home with just the right amount of protection, not just at the application stage but throughout the policy’s life. Not only to protect the most important financial asset that Americans own today but to protect the joy of homeownership through a proactive and customer-focused experience.

Ladder combines the power of innovative technology with world-class financial and insurance expertise to make it easy for anyone to access life insurance. Revolutionising an age-old industry takes focus, and at Ladder, they focus on three things — all because they value their customers’ time and money. Their real-time underwriting may lead to on-the-spot coverage. No need to leave home — Ladder takes care of everything online. Hooray for coverage that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, no hidden fees.

Lemonade is digital insurance built on social impact. That means you can sign up instantly to cover your stuff, home, pets, family, and car, all within one app. It also means your unused premiums are donated to a charity of your choice through Lemonade’s Giveback, which has given over $4 million to non-profit organisations worldwide.

The Oscar team is focused on utilising technology, design, and data to humanise health care. They are a group of technology and health care professionals who looked at the current state of the US health care system, got frustrated by the horrible consumer experience, and decided to do something significant about it. Backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors, they are set out to revolutionise health care.

Policygenius is the online insurance marketplace combining cutting-edge technology with the expertise of real licensed agents to help people get the coverage they need to protect their family, property, and finances with confidence. Its mission is to help people get insurance right by making it easy to understand their options, compare quotes, and buy a policy, all in one place. Since 2014, their content, digital tools, and experts have served as a resource for millions of people on their insurance journey. We have sold more than $160 billion in coverage from their headquarters in New York City and Durham, North Carolina.

Source: IBS Intelligence

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