YuLife announces US launch
YuLife announces US launch
Life insurtech YuLife has officially launched in the United States (US) after completing several funding rounds, which brought its total investment to $206m (£181m).

Investors in the insurtech include asset management giant T. Rowe Price AssociatesDai-ichi LifeCreandum, LocalGlobe, Target Global, Latitude, Anthemis, OurCrowd, Notion, MMC and Eurazeo.

The expansion into the US will allow YuLife to broaden its reach into global markets and upscale its product range.

Its current proposition is built upon rewards and benefits to employees for wellness activities and healthy habit changes using a gamified app that incorporates artificial intelligence and behavioural analytics.

Sammy Rubin, chief executive and founder of YuLife, commented: “Insurance has the potential to achieve tremendous social good. Unusually for financial services, our product creates a deep alignment of interests between insurers, employers and individuals.”

“YuLife’s mission is to turn financial products into a force for good, and we can inspire people across the US to improve their mental, physical and financial wellbeing by offering products that are accessible, engaging and deliverable.”

Source: Cover Magazine

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