Yahoo Releases its List of the Top 10 US Travel Insurance Companies of 2023
Yahoo Releases its List of the Top 10 US Travel Insurance Companies of 2023
The internet news platform Yahoo, has published its top 10 list of US travel insurers for 2023, just in time for the summer break.

The report notes that while traveling opens doors to exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, unexpected situations can disrupt even the most well-planned trips. This is where travel insurance becomes invaluable. 

The list of 10 US companies listed by Yahoo also provide details on which services will benefit customers seeking specific requirements. See below for details: 

1) AXA Assistance USA – Best For Baggage And Personal Effects Coverage: AXA Assistance USA provides comprehensive coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and personal belongings. Their priority is safeguarding possessions and ensuring a worry-free journey.

2) Cat 70 – Great For Parents: Cat 70 caters to the unique needs of traveling families. They offer family-friendly policies with exceptional coverage for children, including medical expenses and trip cancellation protection.

3) Generali Global Assistance – Great For Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage: Generali Global Assistance specialises in providing coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. They understand the importance of comprehensive medical protection and prioritise customer health and well-being during your travels.

4) HTH Worldwide – Great For Medical Coverage: HTH Worldwide stands out for its excellent medical coverage, offering comprehensive protection for emergency medical expenses and hospital stays. With HTH Worldwide, users can have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive top-notch medical assistance wherever you go.

5) IMG – Great For Dog Owners: IMG is the ideal choice for dog owners who travel with their furry companions. They offer coverage for emergency veterinary expenses, ensuring that pets receive the necessary care and attention while on the go.

6) Nationwide – Best For Upgrades: Nationwide takes the lead in providing customisation options and flexibility. They offer the best upgrades, allowing customers to extend their coverage or add specific benefits that align with your unique needs.

7) Seven Corners – Best Value For Robust Coverage: Seven Corners offers exceptional value for robust coverage. Their comprehensive plans come at an affordable price, ensuring travellers have extensive protection without straining their budgets.

8) Travel Insured – Best For Non-Medical Evacuation: Travel Insured specialises in non-medical evacuation coverage, prioritising a safe return home in the face of political unrest, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events. With Travel Insured, customer safety and security are their top concerns.

9) TravelSafe – Best For Missed Connection Coverage: TravelSafe is the go-to choice for missed connection coverage. Recognizing the frustration caused by missed flights, TravelSafe offers generous coverage to minimise disruptions to your travel plans.

10) WorldTrips – Great For Add-On Coverages: WorldTrips offers a range of add-on coverages to enhance your policy. Whether you need additional protection for adventure activities or specific equipment, WorldTrips has tailored solutions to meet customer needs.

Source: Yahoo

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