SalesRiver Raises $3.95 Million in Series A Financing
SalesRiver Raises $3.95 Million in Series A Financing
SalesRiver, an enterprise sales enablement platform for distributed sales teams, announced today that it has secured a $3.95mm Series A investment led by Mucker Capital.

SalesRiver is a sales enablement platform serving enterprises spanning a broad portfolio of industries including all forms of insurance, mortgage, financial services, real estate, and home services. This first-of-its-kind platform expands organizational capabilities in four areas of the sales process: customer acquisition, lead and call routing, performance insights, and sales team management.

Most noteworthy are SalesRiver’s intelligent lead and call routing based on flexible criteria, granular sales performance visibility within team hierarchies, and management of funding allocations throughout those hierarchies to improve marketing ROI at scale. All of this functionality is housed within a private-labeled platform branded uniquely to each customer.

Leadrilla, which was founded in 2019 and currently serves over 20,000 licensed insurance agents in the US, is powered by the SalesRiver platform. As Leadrilla continues to serve new and existing customers, SalesRiver is bringing its all-in-one software solution to enterprises around the globe.

“We are thrilled to have Mucker Capital on board,” said Koby Hastings, Founder & CEO of SalesRiver. “Their experience and knowledge in the enterprise software space will be invaluable as we continue on our mission of helping organizations improve their sales performance at scale. This capital will be fuel to accelerate growth at SalesRiver – expanding our product offerings for new and existing customers, as well as growing our team of experts in engineering, sales, and marketing.”

“We’re excited to partner with SalesRiver and help them scale their business. Their comprehensive platform is a game-changer for organizations with distributed sales teams, offering full visibility into performance metrics, advanced lead routing capabilities, and improved marketing ROI,” said Omar Hamoui, Partner at Mucker Capital who has joined the board of directors at SalesRiver.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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