Tuned Secures US$3.2 Million in Seed Extension Round Led by Unum Group
Tuned Secures US$3.2 Million in Seed Extension Round Led by Unum Group
Hearing health startup Tuned has successfully closed a $3.2 million seed extension round, with Unum Group leading the investment and Distributed Ventures also participating.

The latest funding round brings Tuned’s total funds raised to US$8.2 million.

Founded in 2020, Tuned offers customisable hearing benefits for companies, providing employees with comprehensive hearing health care and access to products that support auditory wellness. The solution is currently available to more than 1.4 million individuals.

The investment from Unum Group and Distributed Ventures reflects growing interest and support for Tuned’s efforts to enhance hearing health care in corporate environments. As Tuned continues to grow and expand its offerings, it remains committed to improving the well-being of employees through innovative and tailored solutions.


James Hettenbach, Vice President, Head of Business Ventures at Unum Group, said:   “Tuned’s groundbreaking approach to hearing health is shaping a future where preventive hearing care is not just an afterthought, but a cornerstone of comprehensive employee health and wellness benefits. Tuned is helping to eliminate the misconceptions and stigma surrounding hearing loss while offering an easy way for employees and their families to safeguard their hearing health.” 

Shawn Ellis, Managing Partner for Distributed Ventures, also commented, saying:  “At a time when headphones have become commonplace as a tool for both leisure and business, increasing the risk of hearing loss, Tuned represents a proactive way for employers to simultaneously protect their employees’ well-being and distinguish themselves in the all-important battle for talent. We believe Tuned is smart, nimble and well-positioned to serve an under-recognized market.” 

Danny Aronson, CEO and co-founder of Tuned, added: “The only other options for hearing coverage today are discounted hearing aid programs, which cater only to those with severe hearing issues. Tuned is different because we offer preventive screenings and education while also identifying and supporting the full spectrum of hearing loss, such as mild or moderate loss, and other auditory disorders. By addressing a critically overlooked part of our health, we can ensure millions of employees preserve their hearing health and prevent further loss, while positively impacting their overall health, well-being and productivity.”

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