Sun Life US has Announced a New Partnership with Somatus
Sun Life US has Announced a New Partnership with Somatus
Sun Life US has announced a strategic partnership with Somatus aimed at bolstering access to care and addressing rising healthcare costs. 

As part of the collaboration, Somatus will offer a specialised care model tailored for Sun Life’s stop-loss members grappling with late-stage kidney disease and heart conditions. These conditions have been prominently featured in Sun Life’s annual High Cost Claims report.

Under the banner of Sun Life’s Kidney Care 360 and Heart Care 360 initiatives, the company seeks to provide targeted care solutions for specific patient cohorts while adopting a comprehensive care management approach. This approach, an extension of Sun Life’s Clinical 360 program, integrates advanced data analytics and clinical expertise to optimise patient care, improve outcomes, and mitigate healthcare expenditures.

Through Clinical 360, Sun Life will work closely with its clients to identify individuals who could benefit from Somatus’ multidisciplinary care team. These teams will collaborate to devise personalised care plans tailored to the unique needs and preferences of patients, which may include the provision of home health services.

The partnership underscores Sun Life’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions and its dedication to improving the well-being of its members.

Speaking about the partnership, Jennifer Collier, president, Health and Risk Solutions, Sun Life US, said: “Healthcare costs and access are two of the biggest challenges Americans face when trying to address a health condition. Sun Life is committed to finding ways to directly impact access and quality of care so that our members can experience better health outcomes.” 

She added: “We are pleased to partner with Somatus so that our members with kidney or congestive heart disease will receive coordinated, personalized care that improves their health and reduces costs for our clients.”

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