Seguros Banorte Achieves Digital Transformation Milestone Through Partnership with Equisoft
Seguros Banorte Achieves Digital Transformation Milestone Through Partnership with Equisoft
In a landmark move toward digital transformation, Seguros Banorte, a leading insurance provider in Mexico, has successfully implemented Equisoft's cutting-edge policy administration system (PAS). 

The milestone marks a significant leap forward for the company in enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

Seguros Banorte has a diverse portfolio that encompasses Income, Term Life, Traditional, Whole Life, Endowment, and Non-Traditional Life Plans.

Meanwhile, Equisoft, a renowned global provider of digital solutions for the financial industry, announced the successful deployment of its Equisoft/manage PAS at Seguros Banorte’s facilities. 

The implementation, which uses OIPA as its core, involved the migration of a staggering 27 million policies, spanning across 31 products and 104 plans within Seguros Banorte’s Group Life Insurance business division.

With the integration of Equisoft/manage, Seguros Banorte has undergone a profound transformation, bidding farewell to cumbersome manual processes. The new system brings automation and streamlining to the forefront of the company’s operations, resulting in accelerated business flow, reduced bottlenecks, and decreased operational costs. Most notably, this overhaul has led to an enhanced experience for both customers and agents alike.

The introduction of sophisticated monitoring and validation tools has further fortified Seguros Banorte’s operational framework. These tools not only ensure data accuracy but also bolster the company’s capabilities in fraud prevention, safeguarding both its assets and its customers’ trust.

Moreover, the agility of the new core system affords Seguros Banorte greater autonomy in effecting product changes, empowering the company to adapt swiftly to evolving market demands. This modernised platform not only serves as a foundation for current improvements but also paves the way for future innovations that drive sustainable growth.

“Replacing the core system of an insurance company of the caliber of Seguros Banorte and migrating millions of policies are not easy tasks. But we are thrilled to have successfully completed the first phase of the project,” said Mauricio Monroy, Vice President, LATAM and Spain, at Equisoft.

He added: “Our team of experts with many years of industry knowledge enabled us to help Seguros Banorte maximise the value of their digital transformation.”

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