Rnwl Launches ‘Instant Quotes’ Feature to Simplify Insurance Buying Process
Rnwl Launches ‘Instant Quotes’ Feature to Simplify Insurance Buying Process
London, UK - Rnwl, a groundbreaking insurtech company dedicated to streamlining insurance purchase and management, has introduced its latest feature, 'Instant Quotes,' as the first in a series of innovative product line enhancements.

Initially renowned for its unique ‘insurance wallet,’ which simplifies policy management for consumers, Rnwl now aims to revolutionise the insurance buying process. The company’s new ‘Instant Quotes’ feature tackles the long-standing industry practice of extensive and time-consuming questionnaires.

The first insurance product to benefit from this groundbreaking enhancement is breakdown cover. By leveraging the data stored in the insurance wallet, Rnwl eliminates the need for users to fill out lengthy questionnaires. Instead, the necessary data points are extracted automatically, enabling Rnwl to provide an instant, personalized insurance quote for each consumer and their vehicle. Emphasizing transparency and efficiency, Rnwl displays the quote directly on the purchasing button, offering a transformative user experience.

Speaking about the launch, Goncalo de Vasconcelos, Founder and CEO of Rnwl, said: “While we are currently starting with breakdown cover, we are already working diligently on the next product line as part of our mission to revolutionize the insurance buying process. Stay tuned for our upcoming innovative release, which is set to surprise many within the industry.”

Rnwl’s pioneering technology has not only captured the attention of consumers but also sparked interest from financial institutions. Multiple banks have approached Rnwl to explore the possibility of integrating its groundbreaking technology into their existing banking applications. These potential partnerships would further expand Rnwl’s influence and reach within the insurtech space.

With a clear vision to simplify insurance buying and management, Rnwl is rapidly developing a platform that automates policy organization, sends timely reminders, and now offers quotes without burdensome questionnaires.

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