Redkik Announces a Strategic Partnership with Lockton Companies Via McLeod Software
Redkik Announces a Strategic Partnership with Lockton Companies Via McLeod Software
Redkik has announced it is joining forces with Lockton Companies, the world's largest privately held insurance broker, in an exciting strategic partnership with McLeod Software.
Redkik Announces a Strategic Partnership with Lockton Companies Via McLeod Software

McLeod Software is renowned for being the premier provider of transportation dispatch, accounting, operations, brokerage management software, and document management systems tailored explicitly for the trucking industry.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in reshaping the way logistics and transportation firms handle insurance and streamline their operations. Redkik, with its mission to simplify and enhance the insurance industry, is at the forefront of revolutionising how cargo insurance is acquired and managed.

Their integrated solution offers instant Certificates of Insurance (COIs) upon booking, coupled with comprehensive administrative, financial, and claims support. This approach provides peace of mind and boosts operational efficiency for industry players.

Lockton Companies plays a pivotal role in supporting Redkik by offering insurance programs and cultivating relationships to bolster Redkik’s cargo and other transactional products. This encompassing support includes claims assistance and risk control services specially tailored for the trucking industry.

McLeod Software is widely recognised for delivering advanced management solutions and services finely tuned for the trucking sector. Prioritizing efficiency gains and cost reductions, McLeod Software empowers transportation firms to elevate customer service standards, optimise operating ratios, attract and retain top-tier drivers, and automate processes to eliminate inefficiencies.

This strategic partnership unites Redkik, Lockton, and McLeod Software—a coalition of industry leaders committed to nurturing growth and efficiency across all logistics and transportation segments. By integrating Redkik’s cutting-edge technology and product delivery platform with Lockton’s top-tier insurance solutions and McLeod Software’s comprehensive suite of management tools, transportation companies will gain access to a complete ecosystem of resources and support to drive operational excellence.

Speaking about the new partnership, Chris Kalinski, CEO, and Founder of Redkik, said, “We are thrilled to join forces with these transportation industry giants in our mission to revolutionise the supply chain. This partnership signifies our commitment to simplifying complex processes and providing McLeod’s clients with the tools they need to thrive.”

Ben Morgan, Head of the Lockton Transportation and Logistics practice in Texas, commented, “The transportation world is changing by the minute. The technology solutions available from these strong companies revolutionise the delivery of real-time meaningful risk management and insurance products and services. We’re proud to be a part of the effort.”

Ryan Sparrow, Product Manager of McLeod’s Logix Solutions/DocumentPower, added, “We are excited to add Redkik’s technology and insurance solution to our product offering and hope to provide our clients with the simplest possible way to add insurance to a transport.”

Source: RedKik

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