Newfront Launches Newfront Navigator – a Centralised Solution for Total Rewards Clients
Newfront Launches Newfront Navigator – a Centralised Solution for Total Rewards Clients
Newfront, the tech-driven insurance brokerage firm based in San Francisco, has introduced a powerful Total Rewards dashboard.

Newfront Navigator is designed to streamline workflows, saving time and resources as people teams securely manage complex employee benefit programs.

“We know that human resources teams are overwhelmed by the sheer number of systems they have to engage with and the amount of vendors available,” said Darren Brown, President of Total Rewards at Newfront. “Newfront Navigator addresses these concerns, the most pressing pain points in benefits management.”

The dashboard offers a centralized hub for all plan documents, compliance news, and point-solution vendor information—all in a safe and secure environment. Human resources leaders can quickly access their company’s Total Rewards program information, easily navigate to the latest updates on employee benefits compliance, find recommended partners for point-solutions, and communicate with their brokers.

“The Newfront Navigator platform has improved my insurance management experience,” said Courtney Paulsen, HR Director at ALCAL. “Having all of my insurance coverage information in one place is incredibly convenient and time-saving; everything is accessible in a single dashboard, so now I don’t have to remember where to look for various information because it’s all in one place.”

Payal Agrawal, Senior Product Manager at Newfront who led the product launch, said the tool will help both clients and insurance professionals. “For clients, Newfront Navigator will help improve their efficiency,” she said. “People teams will have the important data at their fingertips without having to search for it in several different systems or send encrypted emails to multiple people to get answers.”

Newfront’s SOC 2, Type 2 certification provides a continuously-monitored, secure experience, allowing clients to share and store documents with confidence.

Source: FF News

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