Metromile Enterprise Integrates Dwolla to Automate Insurance Claims Payments
Metromile Enterprise Integrates Dwolla to Automate Insurance Claims Payments
Through the new partnership, Metromile Enterprise enables insurers to offer digital, real-time payments to resolve claims more quickly and accurately.

Metromile Enterprise (San Francisco), a business unit of pay-per-mile insurer Metromile that provides a technology platform for property and casualty insurers globally, has announced an integration with Dwolla (Des Moines, Iowa), a modern payments platform, into its no-code claims automation platform Metromile STREAMLINE.

Through the partnership, Metromile Enterprise can offer insurers digital claims payments, including Real-time Payments via the RTP Network, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers via the ACH Network or Push-to-Debit disbursements, helping to resolve claims more quickly and accurately.

The vendor pitches digital payments as way insurers can improve their customer experience, employee efficiency and reduce loss adjustment expenses. More than three out of four insurance claims are paid by paper checks, which can lead to delays as long as seven or more additional days and transaction costs ten times higher than digital payments, a Metromile Enterprise statement says.

“The majority of consumers want digital payments to receive their much-needed funds sooner, but many insurers cannot meet these needs with their current technology and processes,” comments Amrish Singh, General Manager, Metromile Enterprise. “Our integration of Dwolla into Metromile STREAMLINE empowers insurers to provide multiple payment options and modernize their claims experience with greater efficiency and flexibility.”

Insurers and other companies are choosing Dwolla’s payment platform to seamlessly send payments programmatically.

Metromile Enterprise notes that a single integration with Dwolla’s application programming interface (API)—already in use by insurers and other businesses—can give businesses the flexibility to initiate transfers across multiple payment methods, including ACH, Push-to-Debit and Real-Time Payment transfers for an ideal experience and more affordable cost.

Win-Win for Policyholder and Insurer

“Our partnership with Metromile is a win-win for both the policyholder and the insurer,” comments Dave Glaser, President and COO, Dwolla. “Because we are so accustomed to digital interactions, archaic processes such as waiting for a check really stand out. Especially during time sensitive situations, being able to digitally transfer payments is not only more timely—it’s more affordable. Both sides of the transaction win with our partnership.”

Metromile STREAMLINE uses sophisticated data science modeling to reduce repetitive tasks done by claims adjusters and handlers so that they can spend more time providing service for claimants and customers with more complex needs, according to the vendor.

Source: Insurance Innovation Reporter

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