Kin Raises US$33 Million in Extended Series D Funding Round
Kin Raises US$33 Million in Extended Series D Funding Round
The direct-to-consumer home insurance company, Kin, has raised US$33 million in its Series D funding round extension.
Kin Insurance has secured a significant investment of US$15 million from Activate Capital, a new investor in the company.

According to reports, QED Investors led the funding along with returning investors including Alpha Edison, Geodesic Capital, Allegis Capital and Hudson Structured Capital Management Ltd. (doing its reinsurance business as HSCM Bermuda).

The insurtech Kin has now raised a total of $265 million in equity funding to date, and investor confidence in the firm remains strong due to its unique business strategy and market focus. These have produced systematic, capital-efficient growth and the company is set to deliver $370+ million in total premiums in 2023.

Kin has reported its success in regions where traditional insurance companies are either exiting or experiencing growth slowdowns. These achievements encompass favorable financial indicators, such as an adjusted loss ratio of 34.5% in the second quarter, significantly outperforming industry norms. Additionally, the company’s robust unit economics are evident in metrics like the LTV/CAC ratio, which reached an impressive 13x cumulative ratio in the same period.

Sean Harper, CEO of Kin explained, “Investors are putting a premium on growth in the context of profitability, and we’re growing exceptionally fast because we’re able to profitably serve customers who aren’t being well served by incumbents.

“Because we’re already profitable and well funded, we didn’t need to raise right now, but the additional funding strengthens our liquidity position and can be used to fuel more growth. Also, we were able to raise without too much effort, at the same share price, while so many other technology companies are having trouble securing capital.”

Kin disrupts the long-standing insurance industry through a combination of its business approach, technological progress, and financial innovations. The company’s direct-to-consumer sales model enhances economic efficiency, and its marketing efforts specifically target customers whose risk profiles align with Kin’s criteria. This strategy results in a well-diversified portfolio of business with appropriately set prices.

Kin’s technological prowess stands out, as it excels in programmatically assessing the physical attributes of buildings. Moreover, the company’s in-house policy platform allows for rapid implementation of crucial changes, giving it an edge over competitors.

Furthermore, Kin achieves stable, recurring revenue streams by providing management services to two reciprocal exchanges, all while safeguarding investors from direct insurance risks.

Amias Gerety, Partner at QED, said, “Kin is structured to scale and skillfully manage the entire insurance value chain, which is why we’re so excited to double down on our investment in this truly seminal business.

He added: “By leveraging advanced analytics and led by an experienced and world-class management team, Kin is able to offer terrific service at an affordable price. Their direct-to-consumer approach and vertically integrated value-added chain assures that customers receive a best-in-class experience, even in markets that other insurers are pulling out of. We believe that Kin will be known as the defining company of the insurtech 2.0 era.

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