Insurtech Veruna Secures US$10 Million in Series B Funding
Insurtech Veruna Secures US$10 Million in Series B Funding
Veruna has announced the successful closure of its Series B fundraising round, raising a substantial $10 million.

Veruna is an agency management system that is currently integrated with Salesforce’s renowned CRM platform.

Top investors, including Berkley Ventures, Guidewire Software, the Institutes, and CoVerica Insurance, contributed to the funding drive. The initiative also saw continued support from seasoned stakeholders such as Keystone Insurers Group and EMC Insurance.

According to reports, with the Series B funding secured, Veruna aims to solidify its market leadership by launching new predictive analytics features and expanding its agent-assisted, straight-through digital processing and global footprint.

The capital is also earmarked for accelerating Veruna’s product innovation, particularly in critical areas such as engineering, sales, marketing, and reinforcing customer success. This strategic move aims to fuel growth in key domains and further solidify Veruna’s position as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of insurance technology.

In recent weeks, Veruna also broadened its advisory board to include six new industry experts, focusing on steering strategic growth,

Veruna’s cutting-edge platform, Customer360, combines predictive analytics with the user-friendly feature of no-code configurability. The system is designed to amplify revenue, optimise efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience. With Customer360, insurance agents can seamlessly shift their focus from routine administrative tasks to delivering crucial client advisory services.

Timing plays a pivotal role, and Veruna’s alignment with the renewed appreciation for Salesforce and CRM tools in the insurance sector appears impeccable. Beyond just introducing technology, Veruna’s commitment signifies a discerning investment aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of insurance agencies, resonating with the industry’s evolving needs.

“We’re thrilled by the significant support from industry leaders,” said Jennifer Carroll, CEO of Veruna. “This funding gives us the fuel to push our vision forward and revolutionise the insurance sector.”

Veruna’s state-of-the-art platform uses predictive analytics and no-code configurability, offering a unique Customer360 solution designed to elevate revenue, efficiency, and customer experience. “The real power lies in having one unified system. Agents can shift their focus from administrative tasks to client advising,” added Carroll.

“Given the insurance industry’s recent embrace of Salesforce and CRM tools, Veruna couldn’t be better positioned. This isn’t just tech—it’s a strategic investment in making insurance agencies more effective and efficient,” said Clare Tokeim from Berkley Ventures.

Author: Joanna England

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