Instabase Launches AI Chatbots to Address Demanding Enterprise Use Cases
Instabase Launches AI Chatbots to Address Demanding Enterprise Use Cases
Instabase, a leading AI company, has launched AI Hub Chatbots, designed to meet the rigorous demands of sophisticated enterprises.

Unlike typical chatbots, Instabase’s AI Hub Chatbots can operate in secure environments, process all forms of unstructured knowledge, and provide reliable insights through an advanced agent framework. Users are able to verify responses with detailed references to source documents.

Quick and accurate information retrieval is increasingly essential. Instabase found that knowledge retrieval remains a significant challenge despite advancements in LLM technologies. Typical chatbots are not able to process all unstructured data, answer basic questions, or require usage in untrusted environments. This has rendered them unusable in more sophisticated environments, such as in government.

AI Hub Chatbots address this by offering comprehensive solutions that handle complex queries, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. AI Hub Chatbots are already being deployed to solve important knowledge access scenarios, including in an air-gapped environment for a US government agency.

These chatbots can be deployed in various ways, from accessible community links, to secure SaaS environments and even air-gapped on-premises setups. They can digitise, parse, and understand any unstructured data, enabling quick configuration. Features include token-level references with confidence scores and multi-step task handling.

Anant Bhardwaj, CEO and founder of Instabase, (pictured), commented on the launch: “Our journey with AI Hub has shown us the immense value of knowledge access. Yet, we repeatedly see that business leads struggle to empower their teams to find insights in unstructured content. With AI Hub Chatbots, business leads can now instantly configure a chatbot on their knowledge base and share it securely with their teams or customers, providing immediate and reliable insights.”

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