InShare Partners With Snapsheet
InShare Partners With Snapsheet
InShare, a leading provider of insurance solutions for the sharing economy, final mile delivery and logistics, today announced its partnership with Snapsheet, the pioneer of virtual appraisals and an emerging leader in cloud-native claims management.

InShare selected Snapsheet’s claims platform to deliver a fully digital, end-to-end claims experience designed specifically to meet the needs of InShare’s digitally-driven customers.

Founded by sharing economy platform insiders, the InShare team is intimately familiar with the challenges that digital economy companies face with traditional insurance offerings. That is why InShare, a Managing General Agency (MGA), is singularly focused on delivering insurance products and services tailored to the needs of their customers. Claims is a vital component of InShare’s differentiated customer experience, and Snapsheet’s API-driven, highly configurable, omni-channel, digital claims management solution delivers the capabilities that InShare and its customers demand.

“Our customers want a digital claims experience, accelerated claims settlements, transparency and responsiveness, and returning their vehicles and other assets to service as quickly as possible following an incident,” said Mark Warnquist, InShare’s CEO. “Powered by Snapsheet’s solution, InShare’s claims platform does all of that and more. We can quickly customize and automate workflows with data-driven optimization of service and claims outcomes. We can also communicate with customers the way they want, and delight them with fast settlements and digital payments.”

With Snapsheet, InShare was able to implement its new claims platform in a matter of weeks versus months with other solutions. Equally important, InShare now has the capability to quickly stand up new programs with new product offerings, all with a customized end-to-end claims workflow tailored to the program’s needs. “As a fast-growing MGA, speed to market is critical and our Snapsheet partnership aligns well with our growth plans and goals,” Warnquist added. “Our larger clients with substantial self-insured retentions (SIRs) are also quite pleased with our Claims offering, as we now can offer them a state-of-the-art digital solution for their claims needs within the SIR, as well as the insurer’s needs above the SIR.”

“I consider InShare the premier MGA in the mobility space which includes ridesharing, last-mile delivery and logistics,” said Brad Weisberg, chief executive officer at Snapsheet. “Mark, who was a customer of ours previously, wants InShare to control its own destiny using our low-code capabilities, but what they’re really doing is setting a new claims management performance standard which will undoubtedly have a disruptive impact on traditional MGAs.”

Other reasons InShare chose Snapsheet include:

  • Ease of use and customizability
  • Data visibility
  • Omnichannel capabilities, including text, so customers can receive status updates via their preferred channel
  • Easy connection to other best-of-breed tools via APIs
  • Dedication to customer success

“Snapsheet’s service organization is one of the best I’ve ever encountered,” said Warnquist. “They understand their business, they understand my business and they are extraordinarily helpful in helping me develop new ways of thinking to optimize what I do. More fundamentally, it allows us to outperform the largest insurance companies with the biggest claim capabilities.”

Source: Bakersfield

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