Hollard Accelerates Claims Processing Through Guidewire Platform
Hollard Accelerates Claims Processing Through Guidewire Platform
Hollard has successfully expedited its operations with the adoption of the cloud-based Guidewire ClaimCenter. The insurer's transition to this innovative platform has yielded promising results.

Hollard initially deployed Guidewire ClaimCenter in the middle of 2022, primarily focusing on its personal lines broker business. This strategic move entailed the replacement of numerous legacy platforms, aiming to modernize and optimise their claims management.

In a more recent development, Hollard’s Chief Operating Officer, Paige Vincent, reported a substantial reduction in the time it takes to initiate a claim within weeks of implementing Release 2 of the platform for their direct partners. This efficiency enhancement has had a direct and positive impact on the overall customer experience, with noticeable improvements over the past year since the initial launch.

“We have seen the continued benefits in our broker book, with customer experience improving significantly over the last 12 months since launching our first release,” Vincent said. “Our teams are excited about the ongoing opportunities.”  

The adoption of the Guidewire platform has not only streamlined Hollard’s operations but also reduced the time and effort spent on system maintenance. Hollard’s Chief Transformation Officer, Jamie Smith, said that this shift allows their team to shift focus toward offering a vastly improved user experience for their employees, brokers, and customers, with the ultimate goal of retaining and expanding their business.

In addition to Guidewire ClaimCenter, Hollard has integrated other components of the Guidewire ecosystem, including Guidewire Cloud Data Access, ProducerEngage, CustomerEngage, and the Australia Goods and Services Tax for Claims capability. These implementations provide Hollard with near real-time access to critical data, further enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service capabilities.

“We needed to optimise our digital capability, and improve scalability, and efficiency,” Hollard CEO Paul Fahey said.

He added: “We looked for an elite partner to work with to build our single claims platform, enabling the experiences we want to deliver to our brokers and customers.” 

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