ESP Logistics Technology Has 1st Closing on $5.0m Series A Round with Japan Post Group As Lead Investor
ESP Logistics Technology Has 1st Closing on $5.0m Series A Round with Japan Post Group As Lead Investor
ESP Logistics Technology (ESP), a company dedicated to solving global supply chain problems through our cloud-based geospatial platform, announced that it conducted a 1st closing on its Series A financing. Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd (Japan Post Group), a company group with global logistics reach and extensive supply chain operations, led the round.

“The last three years have highlighted significant vulnerabilities within the supply chain,” stated Jonathan Rosenthal, Co-Founder and CEO of ESP. “Many of the issues impeding the flow of goods can be solved through sharing information between service providers, from the factory to consumer. This is the reason for the existence of the ESP platform”. “We enable transparency, standardization, and advanced analytics across all nodes, thereby creating a connected digital and physical supply chain.”

“ESP was formed through a partnership with Esri, the world’s dominant supplier of geographic information systems, and Gannett Fleming, a 107-year-old engineering firm,” Dan Pimentel, Co-Founder and President / CFO of ESP. “Adding Japan Post Group to this combination of industry-leading partners gives us unparalleled capabilities, enabling the expansion of our platform globally across air, ground, and sea.”

Everything in the world occupies space and time. The ability to track a person, truck, container, chassis, ship or carton through time and space has increased exponentially through technology, putting ESP at the nexus of the right time and place for ESP’s space and time network. “The ESP platform provides capabilities that enable predictive analytics, anticipation of problems with the flow of goods and the ability to take corrective action in the supply chain,” Brian Smith, Co-Founder and CPO.

“As a member of Japan Post Group, which owns Toll Group, an international logistics player, we are excited about the next phase of growth and value creation with ESP, who share our enthusiasm, vision, and commitment to international logistics,” Toshiya Maruta, President of Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd. “The synergy in our vision to support international logistics laid the foundation of this association and investment.”

Source: Yahoo Finance

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