Cincom Systems Partners with Socotra Inc. to Boost Digital Insurance Communications
Cincom Systems Partners with Socotra Inc. to Boost Digital Insurance Communications
Cincom Systems®, a global leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Socotra Inc.

The partnership looks set to catalyse the digital transformation of insurers’ customer communication processes throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The fusion of Socotra’s comprehensive product line and Cincom Eloquence® is poised to transform the development, production, and delivery of intricate customer communications, spanning both traditional print and electronic channels.

This change will be managed via a direct connection between Socotra’s dynamic insurance platform and Cincom Eloquence.

Cincom Eloquence, working in synergy with Socotra Connected Core’s robust capabilities across the policy lifecycle, assumes a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience. By facilitating more timely, personalized, and relevant communications across the entire policyholder journey, Eloquence aims to empower insurers to better engage with their customers.

The extensive library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offered by Eloquence will streamline the integration process, ensuring a seamless interaction between the two platforms. This integration promises to elevate insurers’ ability to adapt and respond to evolving customer needs and market dynamics.

“Cincom is excited to join forces with Socotra to accelerate the digital transformation of their insurance customers,” said Brian Bish, Managing Director, Eloquence North America. “The power of the Socotra platform when combined with Eloquence’s ability to simplify the development, production and delivery of customer communications will truly give these customers an advantage as they complete their digital transformation to better serve their end customers.”

“We are delighted to have Cincom join our partner network of insurance solution providers who deliver value and invigorate the insurance landscape,” said Mike Benayoun, Director of Partnerships, Socotra.

He added: “The availability of APIs for both platforms simplifies the integration and increases insurers speed to market with more timely relevant and personalised communications, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.”

Source: PR Newswire

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