Buddy Advances E-Commerce in the Insurance Industry as a Stripe Platform Partner
Buddy Advances E-Commerce in the Insurance Industry as a Stripe Platform Partner
Buddy, a pioneering insurtech leading the future of embedded insurance, today announced that they have become a Stripe platform partner in order to introduce novel e-commerce capabilities for the insurance sector.

This was unveiled in a joint demo with Stripe at Insurtech Insights in London, marking a new era for insurance companies, brokers, and distribution channels looking to embed insurance products seamlessly into digital transactions.

Buddy, as a Stripe platform partner, provides customers with the entire tech stack sufficient for carriers to conduct embedded insurance commerce. Buddy’s ION™ engine rapidly indexes insurance products, regardless of the underlying technology, making them available for transaction in online environments, including standalone and embedded e-commerce. Transacting through Stripe’s global payments platform, carriers can now embed insurance in just hours, process multi-party payments, and optimize checkout funnels with a single tech suite.

“We are thrilled to develop with Stripe to build the future of insurance e-commerce,” said Charles Merritt, CEO of Buddy. “Our collaboration will improve access to insurance by lowering technical barriers to implementation, and we will provide a modern solution to the challenges of multi-party payments at points of sale.”

This partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to drive forward the digital evolution of the insurance industry.

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