AXA Unveils Comprehensive Global Wellbeing Program “We Care” for Employees
AXA Unveils Comprehensive Global Wellbeing Program “We Care” for Employees
Insurance giant AXA has introduced its transformative "We Care" program, designed to provide unwavering support to its 110,000 employees worldwide at various stages of life and critical moments.

The initiative seeks to empower AXA’s workforce with the necessary resources, time, and assistance to confidently navigate both personal and professional decisions.

This initiative represents a significant milestone in AXA’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive and supportive global workplace culture. Aligned with the company’s forthcoming strategic plan for 2024-2026, the program is slated to be accessible to all employees across 51 countries, with deployment set to encompass all AXA entities by the close of 2024. The program is guided by four primary pillars:

  • Caregiver Policy: Introducing a new policy that grants up to five fully paid leave days to employees caring for immediate family members in need of eldercare or facing serious health conditions and/or disabilities.
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Policy: As a demonstration of its firm stance against domestic, intra-familial, and sexual violence, AXA commits to providing psychological support, specialist services, flexible work arrangements, and five days of fully paid leave to employees affected by such circumstances.
  • Parental Policy: Enhancing the existing 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave for the primary parent, the “We Care” program extends co-parent leave from four to eight weeks. This comprehensive support also includes additional leave and flexible work arrangements for employees undergoing in-vitro fertilization or dealing with pregnancy loss.
  • Healthy You Program: Originating in 2020, this program, now integrated into the “We Care” initiative, strives to create a supportive workspace for employees navigating menstrual health conditions, menopause, or andropause.

The launch of the “We Care” program not only marks a pivotal moment in AXA’s commitment to employee wellbeing but also heralds a new era in the company’s vision for a compassionate and globally connected workforce.

“AXA has a long-standing tradition of building a diverse, flexible, and inclusive working environment where our people feel supported,” AXA CEO Thomas Buberl said. “We were one of the first organizations to launch a global parental policy. As a leader in health insurance and services, it is key that we make sure our employees have access to various health benefits adapted to their specific needs. These advances also echo our new brand campaign: why should the future be a risk?”

Buberl added: “In a society where new uncertainties and challenges are arising, we also want to support our employees in taking care of their loved ones. This global program concretely shows our commitment to care for our employees’ overall well-being and to be there for them in the moments which matter.”

Author: Joanna England

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