Aon Forges Partnership with ReliaQuest to Boost Global Cybersecurity
Aon Forges Partnership with ReliaQuest to Boost Global Cybersecurity
Aon has announced a new strategic partnership with cybersecurity leader ReliaQuest, to enhance online safety and improve cyber risk assessment. 

The collaboration aims to bolster organisations worldwide in uncovering and assessing cyber risks, fortifying critical assets, and effectively recuperating from cyber incidents.

The partnership, initiated last year, signifies a pivotal step towards amalgamating the expertise of ReliaQuest with the extensive network and resources of Aon. Through this alliance, Aon gains the capability to seamlessly connect clients with ReliaQuest, providing them with proactive detection, thorough investigation, and swift response mechanisms.

A key facet of this collaboration is the integration of “indicators of compromise” sourced from Aon and Stroz Friedberg Incident Response services into ReliaQuest’s operations. This integration empowers organizations with a more comprehensive and real-time insight into emerging threats, thereby enabling proactive mitigation strategies.

ReliaQuest Founder and CEO Brian Murphy, said: “Combining Aon’s cyber risk expertise with the power of ReliaQuest’s security operations platform, GreyMatter, helps customers leverage automations they can trust while increasing visibility and reducing complexity. This allows them to actively manage risk anytime of the day, anywhere in the world.” 

Christian Hoffman, Global Cyber Leader at Aon, also commented, saying: “Cyber security threats constantly evolve and so must our defenses. We remain committed to helping our clients address new forms of volatility. A strong security operations platform is critical to the overall cyber posture of an organization. This collaboration with ReliaQuest enables clients to achieve the visibility required to monitor their security environments effectively.”

Hoffman added: “Increased visibility helps clients to make better informed security decisions, that can improve their security risk profile and insurance outcome. The offering also complements other mitigation and risk transfer solutions we provide to our clients.”

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