​Agio Ratings Raises US$4.6 Million in Funding Round Led by Superscrypt
 ​Agio Ratings Raises US$4.6 Million in Funding Round Led by Superscrypt
Agio Ratings, a London-based startup specializing in crypto risk analytics, has announced a successful fundraising round totaling $4.6 million.

The funding was led by Superscrypt, with additional investments from Portage, MS&AD Ventures, and various angel investors from the insurance and asset management sectors.

Founded in May 2022, Agio Ratings offers risk intelligence solutions tailored to firms with digital asset exposure, enabling them to assess and manage risk more effectively. The startup utilizes a sophisticated approach to analyze the probability of default among major players in the digital assets market. Drawing from a comprehensive dataset comprising over 1,000 variables sourced from both on-chain and off-chain data, Agio’s models deliver insights that rival leading corporate default risk models in traditional finance.

“Digital asset investors deserve better, and increasingly capital allocators and regulators expect more,” said Ana De Sousa, CEO of Agio Ratings.

She continued: “We believe the digital asset industry is massively underserved when it comes to access to reliable risk data. TradFi investors can price risk with help from the large ratings agencies but digital asset investors have no such luck. We are excited to have the support of Superscrypt, Portage, and MS&AD Ventures as we work to become the world’s most trusted source of risk analysis for this ecosystem.” 

Notably, Agio Ratings garnered attention in July 2022 by identifying FTX as one of the riskiest exchanges based on its predictive analytics. The startup’s ability to provide nuanced risk assessments underscores its commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape with confidence and intelligence.

With the recent funding infusion, Agio Ratings is poised to further enhance its analytics capabilities and expand its market reach, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in mitigating crypto-related risks for businesses worldwide.

Jacob Ko, Partner at Superscrypt, also commented, saying: “What Agio is building is a critical enabler of greater counterparty transparency and a catalyst for greater institutional participation onchain. Beyond helping investors achieve high, risk-adjusted returns, it’s also about unlocking opportunities in credit creation and insurance underwriting which remain largely untapped in the Web3 space today.” 

Stephanie Choo, Partner at Portage, added: “Crypto institutions are innovators, but their tools for pricing risk are primitive. As an early investor, we believe that Agio Ratings will empower firms that trade and invest in digital assets to make more informed decisions with their capital.”

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