AgentSync Launches Cutting-Edge On-Boarding API
AgentSync Launches Cutting-Edge On-Boarding API
AgentSync has launched the ProducerSync API, the inaugural offering in its commercial API suite, aimed at streamlining insurance producer onboarding and compliance procedures.

The API serves as a practical solution for insurance carriers, Managing General Agents (MGAs), and agencies, enabling them to efficiently manage producer and adjuster licensing, as well as appointment validation, all without the need for extensive paperwork.

The ProducerSync API facilitates real-time connectivity between insurance entities and the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) data. Functioning as a menu-style interface, it allows insurance businesses to access key information on licensing, appointments, and personal details of producers. Notably, AgentSync has focused on humanizing and contextualizing the data, presenting users with actionable insights directly from the industry’s primary source of information.

By leveraging the technology, insurance professionals can bypass hours of manual research, as the ProducerSync API accelerates the onboarding and compliance processes. Its launch underscores AgentSync’s commitment to providing practical solutions that align with industry needs, showcasing its role as a significant player in advancing digital solutions for the insurance sector.

“ProducerSync API represents a key step in our long-term strategic vision. By streaming accurate and comprehensive data to our customers’ existing systems, ProducerSync API drives better business decisions,” said Jenn Knight, Co-Founder and CTO of AgentSync. “We’re focused on building modern technology that unlocks value for our customers, and highly flexible and adaptable products like ProducerSync API do exactly that by leveraging current data for better all-around business outcomes.”

Employing REST API architecture, the ProducerSync API is characterized by its lightweight, scalable, and flexible design. This marks the initial release of AgentSync’s planned suite of APIs for broader access within the insurance market. The API integrates seamlessly with the company’s array of contemporary business solutions, further enhancing its ability to connect with and serve the industry.

“Our first product, Manage, has had strong customer adoption by delivering superior business data with a modern user interface and comprehensive features for compliance and producer management,” said Knight. “ProducerSync API builds on this vision, giving customers programmatic access to NIPR data elements in a way that is highly modular and reusable for a variety of use cases.”

Author: Joanna England

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