Acrisure launches cyber services division
Acrisure launches cyber services division
Fast-growing insurance and fintech firm Acrisure announced a new cyber services division this week, a move that will allow the company to provide customers with a portfolio of solutions to help address some of the most pressing cyber risks.

The new division provides clients with an integrated offering that combines cyber insurance with vulnerability scanning, email and endpoint security, and backup and recovery services.

Headed by Bill Meara, who joins the company from private equity giant Abry Partners, Acrisure Cyber Services expands on the company’s existing products, including insurance, reinsurance, asset management, and real estate services. 

Meara (President of the Cyber Services division) is joined by Adam Abresch, EVP of Cyber Solutions, who leads Acrisure’s Cyber Insurance Practice, along with Michael Amaral, Chief Revenue Officer, and Queena Kim, Director of Operations. 

Jorel Van Os currently serves as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Acrisure.

“As risk advisors to millions of clients, we’ve heard countless times that cyber risk is a present and growing concern. In response, Acrisure Cyber Services delivers a solution for the full spectrum of cyber risk, from insurance to cybersecurity and data recovery,” said Greg Williams, Co-Founder, CEO and President of Acrisure. “We are excited to bring this new capability to market alongside our growing suite of products and services.” 

With a global headquarters in the Studio Park development in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Acrisure has grown from $38 million to more than $3 billion in revenue in just over eight years, making it a top-10 global insurance broker.

Source: Securityweek

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