Why life insurers are embracing partnerships and ecosystems

In this research report in partnership with EIS, our leaders shared the following tips for how life insurers can benefit from partnerships and ecosystems:


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Our research shows that 66% of insurance industry professionals are actively partnering
with non-insurance businesses, and a further 26% are planning to do so. Participation in broader ecosystems helps to make life insurance more relevant to customers and increases engagement between insurer and insured. So how do you get a partnership right?


Yaron Ben-Zvi, CEO at Haven Life

Yaron Ben-Zvi

CEO at Haven Life

Tassie Blackstone, Director of Life Ideation at Allianz Life

Tassie Blackstone

Director of Life Ideation at Allianz Life Insurance North America

Samantha Chow

LAH Markets Lead at EIS Group Ltd

Stefaan Dekezel​, Director Innovation & Business Development at Ageas

Stefaan Dekezel

Director, Innovation & Business Development at Ageas

Saumya Gupta​, Managing Director at AIG

Saumya Gupta

Director at AIG Life and Retirement Strategy

Josh Hart, co-founder, yulife

Josh Hart

Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer at Yulife

stephen katz AVP Kemper Financial

Stephen Katz

AVP at Kemper Financial

Sean O'Reilly, Head of innovation engineering at legal and general

Sean O'Reilly

Head of Innovation Engineering at Legal & General