Reimagining marketing and distribution in a post-pandemic world

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How to nurture customer relationships has always been a focus of considerable attention and debate in insurance, a category where involvement is low and customer interactions are infrequent. The pandemic has pushed this debate even further up the agenda, as lockdown restrictions have become more difficult for sales professionals to meet with customers. 

As non-traditional insurers, like “Big Tech”, move into the insurance space, should they be seen as an opportunity or a threat? Policyholders’ willingness to purchase insurance from them has increased 27% in the past four years, so it is a pressing matter.

What are the implications for how human agents operate in a world that is socially distanced? What innovations are making a difference to how insurance is bought and sold?

To discuss these topics and more, Insurtech Insights and Zelros hosted a virtual roundtable of eight insurance leaders from the UK, Europe and the US, representing a broad mix of businesses. 

Our panellists included:

Christophe Bourguignat, founder and CEO at Zelros

Kristi Daraban, associate vice president, social media at Nationwide

Stuart Domingos, head of group innovation at Zurich Insurance

Nick Dussuyer, Western Europe head of sales and client management at Willis Towers Watson

Steffen Krotsch, global head of sales, Allianz Segment at Allianz Partners

Romain de Maud’huy, chief transformation officer, travel at AXA Partners

Peter Stockhammer, managing director at Generali Vitality

Jeffrey Wasco, regional director at Guardian Life 


In this report, you will find:

• The multiple market forces that are re-shaping the future – technology, regulation, customer expectations, Covid-19 – and the need for insurers to be holistic when planning strategy

• Embedded insurance is set for exponential growth, but carriers must ensure they do not become white labels

• How data and analytics enable insurers to better understand and anticipate their customers’ needs

• AI and automation working side by side with humans to increase the effectiveness of marketing and distribution



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Bradley Collins

Bradley Collins