Motion Intelligence partners with CMT to launch driver rewards program
Motion Intelligence partners with CMT to launch driver rewards program
Motion Intelligence has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to launch its Evvy Scoring & Rewards Program.

As an additional feature to the existing, industry-leading distraction-prevention software, the Evvy App, this driver incentivization program offers AI-driven measurement of the key driving behaviors that are indicative of accident risk caused by mobile device distractions and has been shown to significantly reduce rates of distracted driving within 30 days.

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The Evvy App and the MotionIQ Evvy Manager Dashboard provide a holistic, seamless software solution for fleet managers to prevent distracted driving, monitor driver behavior, and better enforce mobile device policy. Evvy Scoring & Rewards provides a feature-rich suite of telematics-driven tools, built on CMT’s leading DriveWell platform, that are designed to help managers identify and eliminate distracted driving while also incentivizing drivers to engage in safer driving behavior through ongoing engagement and monetary rewards.

This feature roll-out builds on Motion Intelligence’s market leadership in using technology to address the root cause of mobile device distractions while driving: technology addiction. With Scoring & Rewards, Evvy can now provide motivational hooks in a game-like setting to strengthen engagement and repeat usage.

“The idea behind scoring and rewards is simple: You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” said Sue Spradley, Motion Intelligence CEO. “We’ve learned, through our research and in working with our clients, that monitoring behavior, such as with cameras, is not enough. To eliminate distracted driving, we must interrupt the addictive behavior and provide an incentive for safe behavior. That’s what drives lasting behavior change.”

“CMT‘s DriveWell Platform uses a smartphone’s onboard sensors and advanced AI to detect distracted driving instantly and accurately,” said Ben Bowne, VP of Global Sales & Partnerships at CMT. “Motion Intelligence has partnered with us to focus on engagement by providing quick, actionable feedback and incentivize drivers with timely rewards through the Evvy App. This approach is proven to significantly reduce distracted driving by up to 39% in just 30 days; the drivers learn to curb risky habits and keep coming back to claim their prizes for improving.”

Source: Telematics Wire

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