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The current pandemic affects our everyday lives drastically. Meetings become Zoom calls, the daily way to the office turns into a walk to the living room, and all kinds of paperwork are exclusively processed online.

Insurers see the benefits of a digitalized workflow like basic communication or information system already, especially now, at times of social distancing. Conventional companies, which were too hesitant even though digitalization is omnipresent, should see the current crisis as a wake-up call and start implementing online-functionalities.

Two major advantages:

1. Software is way more agile than paper and local sales offices. Adjustments can be made quickly, suitable for the current needs of the company and its customers.

2. Smartphones are the multi-tool of our society. Users are more likely to use offers if they are available as an app.

Use cases of mobile app

Use-cases of a mobile app:

1. Your mobile app should include functionality that offers various services via video calls. This affects insurers, the banking sector, lawyers, or doctors. Any appointment that is taking place in person now becomes a video call in the future – a more efficient method for both the customer and the service provider.

2. Document-Scanner: Modern SDKs for your app offer the possibility of scanning and processing various documents types like receipts, vehicle documents, energy performance certificates, police reports, proofs of income, or medical records. They can all be turned into searchable PDFs by using OCR and sent over to you in seconds. An interactive user guide makes sure that the results are sharp and clear.

3. Customer verification: When focusing on digital solutions, one might wonder how a customer’s identity can be verified. An MRZ scanner  can scan passports, visas, or IDs by extracting information from the machine-readable zone. Health insurers are able to scan EHIC-cards as well!

Privacy: The essential factor

All sectors that can benefit from digitalization are dealing with personal and partly confidential data, making privacy a vital issue. Offline solutions offer maximum protection since the documents are stored exclusively on the user’s mobile device. This type of solution is compliant with complex security standards, such as GDPR.

The perfect time is now!

In a time of many changes and uncertainty, one fact becomes pretty clear: The future is digital! Companies should not hesitate to invest in modern technology, no matter where this crisis is leading us.

Focusing on offline options is the easiest way to ensure privacy regarding your mobile apps. Protect both you and your customers from attacks and make them benefit from convenient functionality all in one!

Aylin Beckers

Aylin Beckers
Editor and Marketing Manager
doo GmbH / Scanbot


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