Five Steps to Creating a Customized Partnership

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In the insurance claims industry today, you’ll find that many companies rely heavily on partnerships between insurers and third parties. That wasn’t the case in the past. Insurers often withheld information and strategy and only provided enough information to get the job done. This lack of transparency meant an insurer didn’t reap the rewards of a true partnership. 

The insurance industry needs to understand that authentic partnerships, where synergies emerge and action is taken, can rapidly accelerate results. There are many vendors who breathe technology and innovation. And then there are those who combine this expertise with operational claims knowledge and experience. Carriers should realize that transforming their claims process is possible, and easier to do with qualified outside help. 

The key to any great partnership is flexibility. Here are the five steps we take to create winning partnerships:

1. Collaborate openly. Carriers often use more than one technology or service provider for a number of reasons so it’s vital for third-parties to collectively work together through APIs, open workflows and mutual collaboration. 

2. Look at workflow patterns. With any new client, it’s worth conducting a thorough workflow analysis. Do they have a legacy system, use email, rely heavily on the phone for communication? Understanding how they currently operate means you can optimize the claims journey to deliver faster cycle times and increased customer satisfaction. 

3. Analyze the data. There’s a wealth of data beyond the basic appraisal elements. Our modern workflow platform analyzes historical data which reveal a client’s unique patterns and trends. Using that data, they can appropriately calibrate their operations. This means they can accurately put the right claims into the right hands for the right outcome. 

4. Test and learn. Often times, we like to start with a 30-day pilot and assess results. We identify the sticking points in the claims journey and optimize from there. It’s vital to keep an open mind and monitor all aspects of a rollout. That way you have a finger on the pulse and can adjust accordingly in real-time. 

5. Deliver solutions. Every carrier is different thus the need for flexibility is essential. You have to be able to take client feedback and customize solutions unique to their business operation. The ability to configure a workflow to meet a client’s business process can drive excellent ROI.

Partnerships, whatever shape they come in, are powerful. And the more customized it is, the more we’ll deliver on driving a carrier’s claims department success. 

About ACD

With a mission of shortening the claims process and driving client satisfaction, ACD delivers the leading virtual claims workflow technology that flexes to an auto insurer’s specific business needs. ACD partners with tier 1 insurers, midsize carriers, TPAs, fleet administrators and self-insureds to provide the leading SaaS platform that drives workflow optimization and efficiency. 

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Ernie Bray

Ernie Bray

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