How to create the Netflix insurance experience

Date: September 8th

2pm BST | 11am ET | 11pm HKT


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James York

CEO at Worry+Peace

Passionate about insurance, James York is the founder of Worry+Peace an insurtech determined to usher in a new door way into the world of insurance — advocating for an honest, transparent and accessible marketplace.


Steffen Krotsch

Head of salesat Allianz Segment

Steffen Krotsch leads Allianz Solutions, the global sales for Allianz operating entities within Allianz Partners SAS. Before, he held various management positions in Allianz Partners and Allianz Germany.

Pierangelo Campopiano

CEO at Smile

Pierangelo is a market-driven leader with +20 years of experience in the financial services sector with a passion for people and innovation.


In entertainment media, Netflix has built an average customer retention of 7 years from the seamless distribution of quality content – can the same principle apply to insurance? As insurance reckons with unprecedented digital disruption, we are seeing the insurer-consumer relationship turned on its head.

In this webinar, we’ll tackle the emerging question of how an insurer can develop customer loyalty through enhanced digital experiences. In an industry that has often taken its customers for granted, how can insurance be made to feel like an essential product?