Eigen Technologies Unveils Eigen 6, Redefining Document Workflows with Enhanced Generative AI
Eigen Technologies Unveils Eigen 6, Redefining Document Workflows with Enhanced Generative AI
Eigen Technologies (Eigen), a leading global provider of intelligent document processing (IDP), has introduced version 6 of its no-code artificial intelligence (AI) platform, marking a significant leap in the automation of document workflows.

The Eigen 6 platform is designed to provide a faster and safer way to automate document workflows, prioritising safety, scalability, and speed.

Users have the flexibility to choose between integrations with both commercial and open-source large language models (LLMs), with the added assurance of keeping enterprise data and documents secure.

Key features of Eigen 6 include Generative Insights, Tables, and Pre-processing, which collectively contribute to the platform’s core values of safety, scalability, and speed. The Generative Insights feature, in particular, harnesses the combined power of LLMs and Eigen’s core data extraction capabilities, significantly reducing the time it takes for users to transition from raw data to informed business decisions.

As businesses increasingly explore the utilisation of large language models (LLMs) to address real-world challenges, Eigen emphasizes the importance of ensuring the safe and accurate leveraging of these models. The Generative Insights feature in Eigen 6 facilitates the exponential acceleration of automated processes, offering a more cost-effective solution for users.

Eigen users can now leverage the power of AI to streamline processes, all while benefiting from Eigen’s model risk management framework. This framework ensures adherence to enterprise governance and compliance controls, providing users with a secure and reliable platform for advanced document processing capabilities. Eigen 6 represents a significant advancement in the field, offering businesses enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in document automation.

“Eigen 6 helps our clients make practical use of the latest developments in generative AI to automate  document workflows. We have combined our own proprietary AI capabilities with the latest LLMs to  accelerate automation, all with safety in mind, “said Dr Lewis Z. Liu, Eigen’s Founder & CEO

At Eigen,  we have pioneered auditable and manageable AI. From our first clients, the world’s leading financial  institutions, we have built auditability, model risk management and model governance into our platform. With the arrival of ever more powerful LLMs, using AI safely, and accurately, becomes critical. Eigen 6  provides more ways for users to control and manage their risks. We believe this is the right approach to  ensures human expertise is leveraged when training and scaling data extraction and document  workflows.” 

In addition to empowering business users with the capability to use LLMs within the platform, Eigen 6 boasts an improved no-code data extraction functionality tailored for tables. Users now have the flexibility to perform extractions on data within table cells or entire tables themselves. 

Moreover, Eigen introduces the new Pre-processing hub, accelerating users’ efficiency in preparing, sorting, and classifying documents as part of their ingestion workflows. This enhancement further streamlines the process, minimising the time organisations need to extract valuable insights from their document data.

Author: Joanna England

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