Cara Morton to Spearhead Zurich Global Ventures in Strategic Reshuffle
Cara Morton to Spearhead Zurich Global Ventures in Strategic Reshuffle
Cara Morton, the respected global CEO for Cover-More Group, is poised to assume the crucial position of CEO for Zurich Global Ventures, effective February 1, 2024.
Cara Morton to Spearhead Zurich Global Ventures in Strategic Reshuffle

The move marks a notable reshuffle in leadership, with Morton stepping into the role that has been occupied by Jack Howell since 2021. The announcement underscores the company’s commitment to strategic planning and the appointment of seasoned leadership to drive Zurich Global Ventures forward.

In a statement released by Zurich, the insurance giant said:  We also wish to thank Jack Howell for his leadership of Zurich Global Ventures since 2021, his pivotal role in Zurich’s acquisition of Cover-More Group in 2017 and our subsequent successful integration into Zurich Insurance. We wish Jack well as he returns to the US to be with his family.

Zurich Global Ventures is a collection of independent businesses driving innovation to provide global services and products that go beyond traditional insurance. Its aim is to enable Zurich to get closer to its customers by offering individuals and businesses customised, engaging and digital experiences that empower them to be better prepared for the future. Cover-More is part of Zurich Global Ventures.

Morton has been heralded for her exceptional leadership, will be relocating to Zurich and will report directly to Zurich Insurance Group CEO, Mario Greco. Pending regulatory approval, she will also join the Zurich Group Executive Committee.

The statement said: “Cara’s new position builds on her extraordinary track record at Cover-More, which she has transformed into a successful global business anchored in customer centricity. Cara’s career with Cover-More, which is part of Zurich Insurance Group, began in 2018 when she was appointed interim CEO of World Travel Protection. From there she was elevated to the role of group Chief Operating Officer, and then CEO, in 2020 – just as COVID-19 caused world travel to grind to a halt.

“As the pandemic played out globally, Morton led Cover-More through an intense period of strategic and digital transformation to ensure we were prepared for the day the world could travel again. Today, the business is stronger than ever, with more than 17 million customers.”

While assuming her new responsibilities, Morton will continue to lead Cover-More Group until a successor is appointed. 

Author: Joanna England

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