Aviva launches the Foundry to build Norfolk’s digital workforce
Aviva launches the Foundry to build Norfolk’s digital workforce
Today Aviva launches the Foundry, a Norwich based initiative dedicated to building the region’s digital workforce.

The Foundry will offer a range of opportunities for Aviva colleagues, local students and businesses to increase their digital literacy, funded and delivered by Aviva, working in partnership with Decoded, a tech education startup.

Danny Harmer, Aviva’s Chief People Officer, said:

“A trained, digital workforce is key to our future success and the launch of the Foundry is an important step forward for Aviva and for Norwich. We want to support local people to grow their careers with us and equip them with the skills they need for the future. Working together – Aviva, Norwich City College and Decoded, can make a lasting and positive difference. This investment in upskilling and reskilling is great for local people, local businesses and the regional economy.”

Richard Peters, Decoded Co-Founder & CEO, said:

“Decoded are proud to be the delivery partners to Aviva on The Foundry for such an ambitious project. Together we will be creating the jobs and skills of the future. Moreover, by extending those learning opportunities to the local community in Norwich and businesses across East Anglia, it is one of the most significant levelling up programmes we have ever seen. One which takes vision, courage and a belief that when people are given the right tools and learning opportunities, anything is possible.”

Source: Aviva

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