AmeriLife Maintains Growth as it Announces a Pair of Further Acquisitions
AmeriLife Maintains Growth as it Announces a Pair of Further Acquisitions
AmeriLife, one of the USA’s most significant health, life, and annuity marketing organisations has announced two recent acquisitions which cements its status as a holistic retirement services leader.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, AmeriLife is a market leader in health, wealth and worksite benefit offerings. Since 2020, the group has added over 70 companies to their distribution portfolio.

Patrick Nichols, SVP of Corporate Development commented “we’re in an industry where talent can really set yourself apart from other groups. So we’re going to continue to look for partners that bring that cultural strategic fit to AmeriLife, opening up new markets is always going to be key to growth and we’ll continue to do that.”

Nichols added “we’ve got a great culture that permeates its way from the top down, everybody acts as an owner. So that’s a great philosophy to have, from making sure that there’s accountability, but also empowering people to make the right decisions.”

In a country in which four millions retire every year, independent marketing and distribution is a massive market.  The simple efficiencies gained through scaling up, alongside ever increasingly tough annuity sales rules imposed by federal regulators, has led to an incredibly competitive M&A scene.

AmeriLife competes with other outsized Independent Marketing Organisations like Integrity Marketing Group in Dallas and Simplicity Group in New Jersey.

Whilst not blockbuster acquisitions, AmeriLife completed a pair of May deals which will bolster its distribution network. First, the company added RB Insurance Group who have over thirty years of experience in the Medicare marketing space. A press release stated the partnership “aims to streamline solutions and organisational resources” for RB Insurance’s network of 450-plus affiliated brokers licensed in 36 states, a news release said. The acquisition of RB came from AMBA, a provider of affinity marketing solutions and supplemental insurance and benefits.

AmeriLife President Nick Hildenbrand said that the partnership would bring significant meaning to our company as we join forces to empower and protect the health and well-being of countless individuals served by the comprehensive Medicare network.” Hildenbrand added further “together, we will navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape, ensuring that our valued customers receive the highest quality of care and support.”

Secondly, Saybrus Partners, a subsidiary of AmeriLife, has announced it is working with Meritage Wealth Insurance Advisors. Edward W. Cassidy, Managing Principal of Saybrus Partners commented “Meritage Wealth Insurance Advisors’ experience and success in the life insurance industry, sophisticated planning expertise, and strong operational capabilities make the firm an exciting complement to our business.”

Meritage becomes part of a fast-growing AmeriLife Wealth Group, a new wealth distribution platform AmeriLife announced in January 2023.  Meritage’s full-service model offers access to advanced case design, deep carrier relationships and product options, and back-office and underwriting support. Meritage was founded five years ago by a five industry veterans and has a nationwide presence.

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