Steven Schwartz

VP Strategy & Insurance Practice at Cytegic


With a unique combination of insurance, cybersecurity, and venture capital expertise, Steven Schwartz has been at the forefront of commercializing the industry we call “InsurTech.” Steven is currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Periculus, a fully integrated digital risk platform that simplifies the management and transfer of business risk. 

Before launching Periculus, Steven led Strategy and Insurance at Cytegic, one of the industry’s leading cyber risk quantification platforms, playing a vital role in the company’s successful acquisition by MasterCard in June 2020. 

At Cytegic, Steven was responsible leading the company’s pivot into insurance and driving consistent, quarterly revenue growth while refining its quantification model and platform effectiveness to meet the unique needs of Cytegic’s insurance partner requirements. Before Cytegic, Steven was a Managing Director at one of Silicon Valley’s elite tech-company CEO coaching firms, CEO Quest, where he worked with venture capital funds in advising their portfolio member CEO’s towards accelerated growth within the insurance industry.

Recognized as an innovation leader in the fields of risk management and cybersecurity, Steven is on the Advisory Board at PACE University’s Seidenberg School for Computer Science and Information Security and is a Co-Founder of both The Data Union and Personal Data Week, introducing the topic of “personal data” and its implications for society, industry and regulation such as GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS and more to more than 30k global members.

Steven spent a large portion of his career leading Business Development as a Senior Managing Consultant at UIC, Inc., where he personally managed and negotiated the risk management & insurance programs for F2000 entities paying in excess of $50M in Annual Premium across 40 countries. Mr. Schwartz began his career as the 20th employee as a Data QA Engineer at healthcare analytics start-up, TreoSolutions, through the company’s nine-figure exit five years later as a Senior Data Analyst.