Attendee Preview

A snippet of the many executives, entrepreneurs and investors from major organisations
joining us in March among 2,000 other people at Europe’s Largest Insurtech Conference


Investment Director

General Director

Corporate Director

Managing Director

Investment Executive

Senior Investment Director

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Partner

Director of Business

Director of Life Sciences

Director of UK Operations

Director of BD

Director of Strategy

Business Management Executive

UK Sales Director

Creative Director

UK Engagement Director

Associate Director

Director of Partnerships

Director of Business

Director of Insurance

Investment Manager

Managing Director Ventures

Innovation Director

Non-Exec Board Director

Divisional Director

Head of P&C Architecture

Sales Director

Director of Compliance

Director of Risk

Commercial Director

Account Director

Business Development Executive

Director of London ITA

Commercial Pricing Manager

Sales Director

Reinsurance and Business Corporate Manager

Claims, Underwriting Officer

Head of Information Systems

Transformation Partner

Business Management Director

Founder & CEO

Interim Head, Financial Services

Head of Fintech Department

Head of Data, IT and Security

Data Quality Director

Head of Digital

Head of IT

Global Chief Claims Officer

Co-Founder & CTO

Key Account Manager

Chief Investment Officer

Head of EMEA Insurtech

Manager of Corporate Finance

Business Manager of Global Sales

VP of Data & Analytics

Underwriting Systems Manager

Head of Distribution

Senior Underwriter

Strategic Partnership Development

Director of Partnerships & Alliances

Vice President of Product & Services

Principal Insurance Specialist

Head of Claims

Executive Vice President

Head of Compliance

Head of Underwriting

Executive Director

Head of Business Development

Founder and Chief Executive

Domain Director

Co-Founder and Director

Corporate Director


Managing Partner

Insurtech Director

Head of Insurtech Division

International Director

Head of Insurtech EMEA

Relationship Manager

Client Director

Marketing Manager

Executive Director

Strategy and Growth Director

Director Supervisory Board

Director of Product

Joint Managing Director

Director of Technology

Program Director

Global Head of Wordings

Head of Innovation

Head of Content


Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Insurtech Lead

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Business Development


Data Scientist

Chief Financial Officer

Business Development Executive

VP Financial

Risk Officer

IT Program Manager

Head of Transformation Properties

Innovation Manager

Head of Strategy & New Business

SVP of Business Development

Head of Delegated Solutions

Head of Strategy & Business Operations

Industry Principal Financial Services

Board Member

Technology Director

Director of Brand & Communications

Head of Sales

Vice President of Marketing

Senior Partner

Chief Commercial Officer

Head of Insurance

Head of Insurtech Operations

Senior Banker

General Manager

International Director

Head of Research

Innovation Management

Global Head of Ecosystem

Chief Digital Officer