Yuval Man

CEO at DigitalOwl


Yuval is CEO and co-founder of DigitalOwl. DigitalOwl is the first and only Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for deeply analyzing and summarizing medical records for the insurance industry. Tens of millions of medical records every year are manually reviewed by highly trained professionals at insurance companies in order to make important decisions for their company and customers. The sheer volume and complexity of information requires a slow and methodical review of every page, often taking days at a time. 

Yuval has a passion for risk management in the insurance industry created by his time in the legal world,  particularly in the product lines of Life, Disability, W/C, and LTC. During his time as a personal injury lawyer, Yuval analyzed thousands of medical records for the purpose of evaluating claims cost, benefits worth/claim value, length of liability period, and forecasting the medical effect of the injury. Access to data is central to risk management. The more you know, the lower the risk.

 Yuval is obsessed with finding a better way to evaluate and summarize medical information for underwriting and claim analysis. In 2018, he and his brother Amit, who is an artificial intelligence expert, set out to build a company that would use AI and Natural Language Processing to understand any kind of medical record (APS, EHR, EMR, etc.).  The result today is a solution that extracts all the medical information and organizes it into a meaningful summary. The extracted information is presented chronologically, allowing users to search and filter by condition, date, body part, body system, and provider.

DigitalOwl is a graduate of the Israel Security Agency and Tel Aviv University’s “The Xcelerator” program, the prestigious Fusion LA Accelerator, the unique Deloitte LaunchPad program, IBM Alpha Zone program, and the world’s largest InsurTech program, Plug and Play.