Sebastián Jiménez Bonnet

VP, Fundamental Underwriters at AF Group


Sebastián began his professional career in 2011 as Business Analyst at the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he was involved in strategic consulting projects. 

In 2012 he moved to San Francisco, California where he joined to StumbleUpon, a technology startup, as Data Scientist Intern and designed algorithms and launched a machine learning model to improve the quality of content recommendations for users. In 2013, he joined Google, in Mountain View, California, as a Data Scientist in the Search team. There he collaborated on various statistical analysis, machine learning, product and growth projects, to help users find more relevant information and have a better search experience. 

In 2018 Sebastián returned to Mexico to found -with two co-founders- Sofía, a mexican health and technology company whose mission is to improve the way millions of people take care of their health, assuming the position of Co-founder and Product Director, same that he occupies currently. His main goal is to detect the needs and/or barriers of the users in terms of health, and devise new ways in which Sofía can solve them. 

Sebastián studied Applied Mathematics at Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM). He completed a Master of Science (M.S), Statistics at Stanford University, where he had the opportunity to work as a Statistical Consultant. Sebastián is an enthusiast of soccer, videogames and travel, activities that he does in his free time.