Sean Harper

Co-Founder & CEO of Kin Insurance


Sean Harper is the CEO and co-founder of Kin Insurance , a technology company headquartered in Chicago. Kin is working at the intersection of software and insurance to a more transparent and affordable insurance option to homeowners in catastrophe-prone regions. 

Founded in 2016, Sean created Kin for three reasons: to bring users a policy that is easy to understand; insurance that fits the budget without compromising protection; and to serve underserved insurance markets. Kin, however, isn’t Sean’s first tech startup. He has a record of past, successful companies in TSS-Radio and FeeFighters. 

In 2005, Sean sucessfully bootstrapped e-commerce company TSS-Radio to #94 on the Inc. 500. In 2012, fintech startup FeeFighters was sold to Groupon and the technology developed at FeeFighters become Groupon Payments, which was launched shortly after the acquisition. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Sean was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where he was a member of the Financial Services practice and focused on P&C Insurance, Payments and Lending. 

He was also an investor at Longworth Venture Partners, a Boston-based venture capital firm. He holds a bachelor’s in economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago.