Rohan Kumar

CEO of Toffee Insurance


Rohan Kumar is the CEO and Co-founder of Toffee Insurance. He launched Toffee Insurance in 2017 to democratize the insurance buying experience thereby, making insurance affordable, accessible and relevant for the uninsured masses. 

An entrepreneur & product marketer with 18 years of hands on ‘Market Entry & Commercial Strategy’ experience across Mobile, Tech & Consumer Products. He has helped multiple companies like Shell, Haines, PlayUp & Gamestop ideate and create products which have turned in 5X returns. 

His leadership experience spans a range of growth-stage and fortune 500 companies across the APAC region. He loves products and brands that are honest, inspirational and are re-defining the rules of the game. A global citizen, he holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and a BBA in International Business. Outside of work, he loves to motorcycle and spend time with his two daughters.