Our Events

Our Events

Insurtech Insights at a Glance

A medium for partnerships

This is where leaders representing every sector of the industry come to seize new business opportunities, strengthen partnerships and discover the latest disruptions that can change the direction of their industry. Insurance needs an event like this, more than ever, to take advantage of the increasing pace of regulation and opportunities available.

Insurance redefined

Our main focus is insurance, and from there we take a unique and broad technological perspective. By bridging together both innovators and theorists from across the industry, we explore new ways of Underwriting, Claims Management, and every other aspect of the value chain.

Marketplace for leaders

Insurtech Insights is the destination where investors, executives and entrepreneurs come together to connect and form the future of insurance. Since our inaugural event we have become Europe’ s largest meting place for ideas, connections and deals within the insurtech space.

Who Attends?


  • Understand the market and problems you are challenged with solving
  • Sharpen your proposition and identify what parts of the insurance value chain are ripe for innovation
  • Build awareness by networking with investors and insurance executives


  • Forge commercial partnerships and explore new ways of doing business
  • How insurtech fits in with your innovation agenda
  • Where to gain competitive edge and find opportunities for growth in 2019
  • How to adopt a culture that embraces innovation from the top down


  • Meet the entrepreneurs shaping the future of insurance
  • Partnerships with insurance companies
  • Taking the right approach in an increasingly strategic and competitive landscape
  • Where is the smart going in 2019?

Become a part of our network

Join 20,000 other executives, entrepreneurs and investors within the Insurtech Industry

Become a part of out network

Join 20,000 other executives, entrepreneurs and investors within the Insurtech Industry

"This was a hugely successful conference for us. The organizers were spectacular, on the ball, and communication was 110%. The conference itself was a perfect size and had the perfect attendance for us. We made relationships that have since panned out to significant partnerships. Great conference, great organizers, great success."

Harry McLaughlin - Head of Partnerships, Planswell

"For an inaugural event, Insurtech Insights was extremely well attended. The event had a global perspective with all the right people, bringing in key players in start-ups, thought leaders, service providers and investors that I don't typically see in the US, let alone most conferences. Well done!"

Tim Attia - CEO & Co-Founder, Slice

“InsurTech Insights is a phenomenal platform for reinforcing the technological revolution taking place globally. The forum is unique because it accords the unique opportunity to the budding tech entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation before the industry titans from across the globe who are sincere about promoting a new generation of technology, which actually makes a deep-rooted impact on making our lives easier and sustainable."

Yashish Dahyia - CEO, Policybazaar